FunMath Class

Let’s build a mathematics friendly campus together

The Funmath class is a blended program that allows schools to usegames and activities as part of their mathematics lessons. Mathematicslearning entails a great deal of repetition and practice. Games are theonly medium that allows the doer to do something repeatedly withoutbecoming bored. This gamified approach allows children to appreciatemathematics as an approachable and fun discipline. These games will begrade-appropriate and mapped to the mathematics curriculum. Thereare also different levels of a game that organise learning objectivesbased on the level of cognitive complexity as explained by Bloom’staxonomy.

Gamification in education

In education, “gamification” means using games and game-like elements
to keep students interested and motivated. Some of the benefits of gamification in education include:
Engagement: Gamification can help hold students’ attention and motivate them to learn by making the material more interactive and fun.
Collaboration: Gamification can get students to work together and share ideas, which can help them learn to work as a team and get along with
other people.
Personalization: Gamification can give students the chance to learn at their own pace and in a way that fits their needs and skills.

Funmath day with math experience centre, quizzes, math story telling and dress up competition at Bee Line Public School, Calicut

Objectives of Funmath class

How it works

Every week, there is a time set aside for Funmath class, where children play and practice a math game that helps them learn. The student’s current math class and this game will complement each other. After playing the game, students are guided through the experiential learning cycle with a set of questions that have been prepared specifically for the game they are playing. This helps children see math as something fun and interesting, and reflecting on the game helps them understand the idea.

With assistance from the Funmiyo team, Funmath classes can be
implemented in any school. The key elements for the project, the
implementation timeline, and the services offered are explained below.

Grade specific FunMath Kit

Each student will receive their own game kit. On the day of the Funmath class, they can bring it to school.

Training/workshop for mathematics teachers

Offline training & workshop for teachers (6 hours).

Follow up sessions ( 5 online & 3 offline)

Funmath expert

The school can get help from a Funmiyo Funmath expert if they
have any questions. One dedicated academician will be available
from Funmiyo’s side. This person will offer contact and an online
session whenever the faculty is in need of help.

360⁰ Holistic Mathematics Report Card

Funmiyo will submit a holistic report card for each student to the
principal. The report card captures how well each student has
mastered competencies and skills prescribed by NCERT.

    Why take a Funmath class?

    Mathematics is always presented to students in the same dry and formal manner. As a result, they cannot connect mathematics to happiness and fun. By bringing fun games and activities into the mathematics classroom, Funmath will transform everything. Students’ innate desire to learn will reach a new high now that they are aware that mathematics can be learned and used. This is a scientific way to reduce their math phobia.