About Us


We strive to make learning a memorable experience by building the most learner-centric education technology company in the world.


To create the most compelling & enjoyable education content in a playful & authentic way.

About Funmiyo

At Funmiyo, we believe that learning is a fun-filled experience when the method awakens curiosity and engagement. An education technology company aspires to help children enjoy learning through a game & story-based approach.

Foster a math-loving culture in the school.​

Holistic mathematics progress card of children for parents & teachers

Encourage self-learning among children

Teachers will be more resourceful

Why are we special

Our Method

We follow a Phygital approach to learning combining the advantages of both Physical engagement and digital visualisation and story-telling.

Our story

In 2019 two teachers started building on a dream. A dream that students start to learn for fun and just out of curiosity. That’s how Funmiyo was born. Curiosity and passion are driving us forwards to create some incredibly engaging learning content for the younger generation.


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