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At Funmiyo, we transform education into an adventure! Dive into our world where games and stories make learning not just effective, but irresistibly fun. Join us on a journey where every lesson is a discovery and every interaction sparks creativity.


Why Funmiyo

At Funmiyo, we believe that learning is a fun-filled experience when the method awakens curiosity and engagement. An education technology company aspires to help children enjoy learning through a game & story-based approach.

Foster a math-loving culture in the school.​

Encourage self-learning among children​

Holistic mathematics progress card of children for parents & teachers ​

Teachers will be more resourceful

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Acknowledged by the education ministry of Kerala, Funmiyo is now a proud partner in S.L.A.T.E


Products & Services

Explore Funmiyo’s World of Mathematics: From our Innovative Fun Math Kit and Engaging Fun Math Sessions to the Interactive Math Lab, every product is designed to make math a thrilling adventure!

FunMath Class

The Funmath class offers a hybrid program that integrates games and activities into school mathematics lessons. Learning math often requires repetitive practice, and games provide a unique way for students to engage in these activities without losing interest. This game-based method helps children view math as an enjoyable and accessible subject. The games are tailored to be suitable for specific grades and are aligned with the mathematics curriculum. Additionally, the games are organized into different levels, reflecting various learning objectives and cognitive complexities as outlined in Bloom’s Taxonomy.

FunMath Game Kit

The mathematics kit is designed for children in grades 1 to 4 to enhance their mathematical thinking and understanding of basic concepts in a fun and engaging manner. It includes games and activities that reinforce foundational math concepts such as counting, word problems, time reading, and operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The kit aims to make learning math enjoyable and to boost children’s confidence in the subject.


Meet the Founders: The Dreamers Behind Funmiyo

The founders of Funmiyo, a visionary duo of experienced educators, embarked on a mission to redefine the landscape of learning. With a shared dream to ignite a passion for knowledge in every child, they laid the foundation for a company where education meets excitement. Their journey began in 2022, fueled by a belief that learning should be a joyful and curious adventure. Drawing from their extensive experience in teaching and a deep understanding of educational needs, they have masterfully blended the elements of fun, engagement, and innovation in education. These founders are not just leaders; they are the heart and soul of Funmiyo, continually inspiring the team and driving the company towards new horizons in the realm of education technology. Their foresight and dedication have made Funmiyo a beacon of transformative learning, touching the lives of students and educators alike.


Funmiyo Family

Schools that trust Funmiyo and is making math learning fun and easy for students.


The words that motivate us to move forward

Hear it from educators and students who have experienced the power of teaching and learning maths the fun way.

Mr. Yesudas Joseph
Wadi Rahma English School Kodiyathur
Fr. Lintesh
Bharathamatha CMI Palakkad
Mr. Jouher M
Peace Public School Kottakkal

We have been using Funmiyo’s Funmath kit at BenchMark, Tirur, for the past 12 months. This product is very innovative, and it sparked students’ interest in learning mathematics. This is a well-designed product, and I suggest it to schools as a tool for modern educational practices.

Principal – Benchmark International Senior Secondary School, Tirur

The wonderful idea of integrating mathematics games into the classroom has been introduced by Funmiyo. Peace Public School has been conducting its Funmath course for the past months. The students are very interested in taking these mathematics classes that are based on games and are recommended by NEP 2020.

Principal – Peace Public School, Kottakkal

The ability of our students to think mathematically and apply that thinking has greatly improved as a result of taking the funmath course, which is a mathematics class that emphasizes activities and games. This is experiential learning in the purest sense of the term, and it improved the performance of even the students who were performing the weakest in their regular classes.

Principal – Hilltop Public School, Maravancheri

The team at Funmiyo is energetic and full of creative ideas for implementing game-based learning in practice. Our school implemented their Funmath course in the previous academic year with great success. They do have excellent trainers, and they provide support that is commendable.

Principal – MES College of Engg. Campus Senior Secondary School, Kuttipuram


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